I Like to Watch

Sometimes, someone needs to put their foot down and demand you watch certain films. And that foot is me. Or us. We are those feet.

21 responses on “I Like to Watch

  1. Impressive list of movies with many of my favorites from olden times.

    One of my favorite oldies (I’ve seen it many times) is Roman Holiday. Should be on your list.

    How about Forbidden Planet – one of the greatest 50’s sci-fi movies.

    But wait there are others…

  2. Oh, Forbidden Planet is on there. Which might lead one to ask, why are these movies not presently in alphabetical order? Rest assured, there is an answer to that question.

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    • LA Confidential… it’s been a while but I don’t recall loving that one. Pan’s Labyrinth is visually amazing but doesn’t quite make the cut for me. If I’m being honest, I liked Hellboy better…

  6. a bit recent too but A Separation maybe deserves a mention. I have a lot of love for JSA too but I need to watch that again.

    • A Separation is on my coffee table to watch next. Being loved it. Maybe he or I will add it.

      JSA? My acronym interpreter is failing.

  7. Could I had a few company to the list?
    “Wings of Desire”, “The Tin Drum”, “Uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives”, “The 400 Blows”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Zabriskie Point”, “Talk to Her”, “Nostalghia”, “Of Gods and Men”…

    • Wings of Desire is there (hidden behind its german poster). as for the others, they may turn up soon… slowly but surely the list grows longer…

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