Lincoln: You’re Gonna Die

Hello! I have returned from Italy! Did you miss me? Can you pretend like you missed me? Just a little?

Despite my intentions, I did not make it to the cinema in Italy. There was important wine to be drunk. And man did I drink the bejeebus out of it.

I have lots of things to write about, filmwise, but little brain power. So I will just share with you this SNL video featuring Louis C.K. I think this is probably about a billion and a half times more enjoyable than Spielberg’s Lincoln film, but I expect Spielberg’s epic Hallmark card advertisement to be as intelligent and uplifting as those folks I saw eating in McDonalds in Florence.

Really. Florence. McDonalds. The mind boggles.

Anyway: Here you go. Thanks for pretending like you missed me. It means a lot.


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