We Like to Watch

It is true. Our watch liking has been verified. It is a fact well known and spoken about bigly. All the best watching. We have it.

And, as you are here reading a film blog, one might assume that you, too, like watching?

Good. Then we are in agreement.

Watches for everyone!

But which watch? There is such much films to see, and all with just your two eyes.

Never you fear. For your reputable and fragrant hosts—the Evil Genius and the Supreme Being—have spent their entire lives and part of a life they found on the street watching, considering, and liking movies. The films that have moved them the mostest, they have collected and curated into a list.

This list can be yours, right now, for free.

All you need to do is open your mind and your browser.

Have you seen me?

Then, there before you, you will see listed over 400 films, presented graphically and alphabetically, sortable by genre, and all stamped with our approval. Many of these movies we have also written about on this very site. And—just your luck—all you need to do is click on the film of your choice to read why and how and with which organs we have appreciated the film in question.

Cruise aimlessly and futilely through Netflix listings no more! Waste no more evenings watching films that deliver naught but aggravation and maybe an exploding school bus.

Visit our newly rejiggered I Like to Watch list and bask in the glory of good (and good-bad) movies.

Then, as is your wont, tell us which films we neglected to include. Up until this week, for example, we had somehow failed to list must-watch films including RobocopInside Llewyn Davis, and The Lone Ranger.

We are only humanoid. Mistakes may have been made. Not by us, but just generally.

Regardless. Check it out.

I Like to Watch

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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