Soderbergh Swag Sale

Oh jeez. Steven Soderbergh is selling off a bunch of stuff from his films, and art, and some weird moscatel-based booze, and t-shirts.

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 11.22.37 AMBasically, I want one of everything because I am a whore for Steven Soderbergh. And, like, it’s for charity.

And and: if you buy four t-shirts — all of which feature obscure film references (the references, not the films) — you get a special bonus shirt! So uh, who wants to buy one of these? I’m going to get two of them and I need you, yes you, to buy one or two so I can get the 5th special one, which I will kindly let you admire when I wear it. Sounds like a deal, right?

I’ve figured out most of the references, but a few still elude me. Pipe up in the comments if you figure some out.

Check it out at Extension 765!


4 responses on “Soderbergh Swag Sale

  1. okay. i got these ones:

    New York Daily Inquirer: Citizen Kane
    Sybil the Soothsayer: Network
    18 LU 13: The French Connection
    Pacific All Risk Insurance Company: Double Indemnity
    Black Pony Scotch Whiskey: ?
    Linnekar Construction: Touch of Evil
    El Rancho Floor Show: Citizen Kane
    Fabian Publishing Company: The Best of Everything
    The Parallax Corporation: The Parallax View
    El Rancho: Citizen Kane
    El Macondo Apartments: Chinatown
    Fly TGA: ?
    Rutland & Co: Marnie
    Perennial Armord Car: The Underneath (but maybe Criss Cross, too?)
    Sam Loomis Hardware: Psycho
    American Newsreel Inc: ?

  2. And Black Pony Scotch is Laura.

    I have played the game to its conclusion without you. Next time, you must be faster and furiouser.

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