A Field In England: Watch This Trailer Immediately

Ben Wheatley has made three movies prior to this one, Down Terrace, which I haven’t seen, Kill List, a reasonably compelling story of two hit men that gets weirder and weirder until the totally bizarre climax (I liked this one, sort of, but, um, yeah, it’s not really “likeable,” per se, but you should still watch it), and Sightseers, which I wrote about here, and is only just now slowly being released in the U.S. Sightseers is dark and funny and you should find it and see it however you can.

And now there’s this, A Field In England, which looks like what, a psychedelic period piece about a handful of old timey British fops wandering around a field, having visions, waxing philosophical, and maybe shooting things? I don’t know what the hell this is, but after watching this trailer I want to see it more than anything else I’ve heard about lately. I will assume that you feel the same way.

The internets suggest that next up for Wheatley is an American production with a larger budget that’s some kind of monster movie. Color me intrigued.

2 responses on “A Field In England: Watch This Trailer Immediately

  1. My favorite part is, having watched it twice, I have almost no idea what the hell is going on in it.

    The official synopsis talks about deserting soldiers running afoul of an alchemist in a field full of mushrooms. So yes, I’ll be seeing this film.

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