Trailer For Wes Anderson’s Latest: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Take a look, then we’ll chat:

I don’t know about you, but I find this trailer absolutely enraging. It’s adorable! Look how goddamned delightfully charming it all is! Those purple uniforms. The pink building. Skiing past cute little flags. Willem!

How dare Wes Anderson pull this on me again. When I saw the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom I was equally charmed. I thought the Anderson of old was back, I thought maybe he’d approach the heights of Rushmore and avoid the chasm that is The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic.

Moonrise Kingdown, as it turned out, is no Rushmore. Sure, it’s better than Darjeeling, but so is heat rash. Moonrise Kingdom is an outrageously twee, lovely to watch yet emotionally empty confection. I felt kind of ill when it was over. It’s all so very…designed. Down to the characters, depthless charicatures of real people.

So now we have The Grand Budapest Hotel. The trailer for which is even more outrageously cute, down to its every gorgeously appointed detail. It looks like Wes Anderson doing a Wes Anderson movie it’s so Wes Andersonish.

Of course I’m going to see it. Goddamn you, Anderson. Stop pulling me in like this. It’s not fair. You’re like a fisherman with the most delicious bait known to fishdom on your hook, and I am the fish. One bite, and I’m thrown flopping into the boat, there to suffocate. Sigh.

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