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Us is a pronoun.

The word comes from the Old English (or Olde Englishe) ūs and is not dissimilar to the Old High German (or Hendrik, as he prefers) uns. Us is not really that interesting a word, so we’re not sure why you’d want to know about it in the first place. It rhymes with ‘asparagus’, but without the ‘asparag’ part or that odd bathroom odor.

If you’re into details, there has been an “us” for as long as we’ve known each other. Before then, there was only him and me.

Stand By For Mind Control, or SB4MC as the kids call it, is the San Francisco Bay Area’s best film blog, featuring intelligent commentary, passionate reviews, and weekly double feature suggestions ready to mesmerize you with their brilliance. It is edited by Zack Kushner (as the Evil Genius) and Sean McPharlin (as the Supreme Being) and primarily written by them as well, although your guest posts are welcome.

We’re glad you’re here. We love that you love cinema, even if you disagree with our opinions, and we hope you feel welcome to add your comments and contributions both here or on our Facebook page.

Regular & Irregular Contributors:

Benson the Dog:

God Made Slugs: God Made Slugs has known the Supreme Being and the Evil Genius… oh, since before you were born. They’ve worked together. And they’ve done other things together that should probably not be discussed in front of law enforcement personnel. When he’s not bemoaning the state of cinema, God Made Slugs can be found reading old comic books and staring at his action figures, willing them to life. He also puts words in the mouths of actors on that box that sits in your living room.

MC Frontalot: MC Frontalot has been the head film critic at the Chicago Sun Times since 1973.

Mr. Bitterness:

Not Entirely Dim:

Og: Og usually goes by the name Jacob Bricca.  He teaches filmmaking at the University of Arizona and also directs and edits documentaries.  You have seen his work if you’ve watched Lost in La Mancha or stumbled upon his ode to action movie clichés, Pure.  His latest film is Finding Tatanka and he recently edited The Bad Kids, which hits theaters on October 21, 2016.

Zombo: Raised by a pack of Outlaw Clowns, Zombo left behind a life of tiny cars and Clown White in favor of a more mundane existence. That lasted two days. He now wanders the West, teaching the ancient art of Clown-Fu to a new generation. He also watches far too many bad movies, and is firmly convinced that Death Race 2000 is a documentary.

8 responses on “About Us

  1. Heh heh heh. That’s really cute.
    (no, really).
    What about “you”?Subject pronoun you might say? Well, then, details and information usually follow the subject.

    So I’m told.

    One more criticism, and I’ll be out of your hair. The picture of Supreme Being. Artistic merit; I’d give it a D+. Writing, however, A for entertainment and wit. My compliments.

  2. Hello, guys. Didn’t see anywhere else to put this, or a way to message you, so I’ll just drop it here. I’ve stopped getting updates on your posts–meaning, in my mailbox. Checked WordPress and Gmail to make certain I hadn’t strayed from the path of righteousness, discovered I hadn’t (their paths, anyway). I then tried to subscribe under another email: Still nothing. I didn’t know if you guys had had this issue with any other subscribers, but wanted to let you know.

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