Hysteria: Better When It Was A Def Leppard Album

And I don’t even like Def Leppard! I was going to say that at least Hysteria the movie has more female orgasms per minute, but on second thought, I bet Hysteria the album is responsible for more female orgasms than this movie ever will be.

What is the movie? It’s about the invention of the vibrator in the 1880’s. It’s a light comedy. Most of the comedy stems from chuckling at how backwards people were back then. Which to me is way too easy a target. Guess what, folks? A hundred and thirty years from now we’re all going to look like a bunch of dumb assholes. Food for thought.

Meanwhile, instead of renting Hysteria, and instead of listening to the album of the same name by the band with a one-armed drummer, enjoy the best one-armed drummer comedy sketch ever:


2 responses on “Hysteria: Better When It Was A Def Leppard Album

  1. so wait? are you saying this is a shitty film because people 130 years ago were so stupid? i think you must be ageist.

  2. all i’m saying is that people who are 130 years old are a bunch of jerks. and also–they’re shitty drummers.

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